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nightskeptic asked
It never is the greatest thing the first time, you know? It's usually better with someone you have a connection to, and when both people know what they're doing. The only consistent key to quality sex is having a lot of sex...or that's my experience, anyway.

Haha thanks you for the advice! It wasnt bad it just wasnt what I had expected it to be

This may be TMI… (So read at your own risk?)

but its a story I want to tell or at least get thoughts out somehow.
I had sex for the first time last night.
I wasn’t in love with the guy
Nor am i even dating or thinking of doing so
I didn’t see stars
I didn’t even feel the amount of love I thought I should or expected to when I first had sex.
I built it up to be this huge be all end all important thing and it really wasnt. 
I mean dont get me wrong, I can see how it would be or could be in the future.
Like I’m not sad that it happened- it was a cool experience.
I guess I just pictured something really different.

My trip was amazing. So many awesome things happened and I spent the last 5 days with some amazing people.